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Offering you an exceptional service, we meet all your prescription requests. Whether you require a flu vaccine, medication for a virus, or advice regarding how to quit smoking, our proficient pharmacists are always on-hand to assist. For further details about our medication or prescription service, please feel free to contact our pharmacy in Durham, County Durham.


Our pharmacy provides the following services:

• Vaccinations and Travel Health
• Medicines Use Review
• Repeat Prescriptions
• Smoking Cessation
• Free Collection of Prescriptions
• Free Delivery of Medications
• New Medicines Service
• Pill/Dosette Trays
• Chlamydia Screening
• Drug Misuse Support
• Minor Ailments
• Emergency Contraception
• C Card Service
• Flu Vaccination - NHS and Private Flu Vaccinations
• Private Prescriptions
• Cholesterol and Blood Glucose Screening

Vaccinations and Travel Health

Ensure you know how to keep safe on holiday by visiting our pharmacy for travel health advice and vaccinations. All vaccinations provided are by MASTA Travel Health.

Medicine Use Review

The purpose of a NHS medicine review is to check whether you are using your medication correctly as well as ensuring you understand why you have been prescribed it. When necessary, our pharmacists provide feedback to your GP.

Repeat Prescription Service

Our repeat prescription service is available to all patients. Simply contact us, and we will collect your prescription from your doctor and deliver it.

Quitting Smoking

We offer the NHS Smoking Cessation Service which provides free nicotine patches, mints and gum. We can also provide Champix after consultation with your GP.

Free Collections of Prescriptions

Don’t worry if you cannot travel to the surgery, we can collect your prescription, and deliver it to your address free of charge.

Free Delivery Service

If your finding it hard to come in and see us, don't worry, we deliver your medicines straight to your door at no cost to you.

Cholesterol and Blood Glucose Screening

Visit our pharmacist today for a free cholesterol and blood screening test.

New Medicine Service

The New Medicines Service (NMS) is for patients with long-term illnesses who have recently started taking a new medication. The service focuses on making sure that you are happy with your medication.

Pill Trays

Contact us today to order your free medicine tray. Pill trays are an excellent way to make sure you are taking your medication in the right quantity and on time. Dosette trays are also helpful if you are looking after a relative, or if you are a health professional.

Chlamydia Screening

We provide free testing kits to take home with you. Any consultations performed regarding this service are totally confidential.

We offer a free collection and delivery service throughout our local area

Drug Misuse Support

We provide an observed medicine service for recovering drug users. This is a secure, confidential service and we use modern measuring equipment to ensure you receive your medication promptly and efficiently.

Minor Ailments Scheme

Under the Minor Ailment Scheme, we provide free medication for the following conditions:

Bugs and Viruses | Minor Injuries | Tummy Troubles | Women's Health | Skin Conditions | Allergies | Aches and Pains | Children's Problems

Emergency Contraception

If you need the morning after pill, come in for a private, confidential chat in our consultation area.

C Card Service

As part of the C Card scheme, any holder of a C Card is entitled to free condoms at our pharmacy.

Flu Vaccination

Feeling a bit under the weather? Get your free flu vaccination here. Available in the winter months.

Private Prescriptions

We offer competitive rates on private prescriptions, so do come in if you have one.

Contact our pharmacists in Durham, County Durham, to book your flu vaccine.